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Ladi Victoria Studio

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Our Story

A Life of Balance

Founded 2020 in Philadelphia, Ladi Victoria Studio brings a unique approach to teaching and healing — one that is focused on self-inspiration. Mindfulness is a tool everyone can use. Check out our social media pages or join our membership for guides and knowledge on different styles of meditation (seated and moving). The self-help tools we provide are intended to support and give variety to your own daily mindfulness practices.

Learn a course of physical and mental disciplines designed to aid in your liberation from the stressors of our material world and become connected with the inner world through self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-compassion.

We offer a variety of services, classes, workshops, and products to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.

* Private Virtual Wellness Consultations and Fitness Classes are available. 

* Limited In-Person Private Wellness Consultations and Fitness Sessions are available.

* Check out our Memberships to get discounts on classes, stay update to date on events, and get blog articles.

* Crochet courses as a mindfulness practice. Learn more at Get Hooked (under construction).

* Shop online for mugs, teas, herbal-infused oils, and more.

Here at Ladi Victoria Studio, we also examine nutrition, botany, and herbalism as a way to preserve life and stay connected to natural sources. Check out The Vegan Alley Collection for herbal nutritional supplements & Skin By Ash Collection for herbal-infused solar oils.

The village is expanding, and we need your help.


The truth of the matter is we ALL need community in order to strive in this world. The LVS tribe are coming together to build a physical wellness boutique location AND resorts for the village. In order to acquire all of the assets we need in a timely manner; we are asking for love donates for the following:​

  • Establishing a sacred space for those in need to nurture and reclaim their healing of the body, power of the mind, and evolution of the spirit.

  • Providing support and exposure to unique healers, farmers, medicine women, creators, and more.

  • Hosting a holistic eatery & private energy space for our village to heal and learn.

  • Hosting reliable Wellness Events that will include but not limited to these resources: fitness, gardening, cooking, crafting, self-sustainability, and herbal medicine secrets.

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Loyalty Program

Redeemable to Members ONLY

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Customers can earn points even if they haven't become a member. These points still count towards total points given. However, customers can only redeem points once they become site members.

How to Earn Points

You can earn point by the following:

Become a Member: 25 Points

Paid Monthly Subscription: 1 Point per $1

Purchase a Product: 1 Point per $1

Book a Session/Class: 10 Points

Purchase a Ticket for Event: 1 Point per $1

Redeem Points

With every 100 points you will receive 10% off all services, products, or events. Please note you must be a site member in order to redeem your points.


"You are all that you need"

Owner of Ladi Victoria Studio

Ashley Victoria

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