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Work Exchange Program

A Real Success

Ladi Victoria Studio is built, in part, by the community. Over the course of a year, volunteers have helped us with getting our garden started and supporting the Bring It To The Mat Movement. In return for their generous spirit, we offered free fitness classes and merch. We want to continue to pay it forward by still operating on community power. In exchange for free fitness classes, work-exchangers help us with everything from website maintenance and computer repair to writing and packaging. We love to barter, and it helps keep movement classes affordable for everyone.

In a wonderfully unexpected twist, it also fosters a sense of community. We’ve had many people share stories of the friendships they’ve developed through volunteering. And we are endlessly grateful: a big thank you to all our work exchangers, past, present, and future!


Our Work Exchange Program runs in 3 sessions per year

* January 1 – May 30
* June 1 – August 31
* September 1 – December 31

Work Exchangers commit to a 5 hour work week, and receive free unlimited group virtual classes for the duration of each session. You can work remotely if your are providing website, administrative, writing services, etc. If  your are in the Philadelphia Area and would like provide help with printing, packaging, shipping, etc. you have the opinion to receive the private special plan, which is 4 private fitness classes a month in exchange for 2.5 hours of work a week.

Click here for the Work Exchange application!

If you are interested in the Work Exchange Program, please fill out the work exchange application and email it to Folks currently in the program are given

first option to keep their shift. Selected applicants will be notified via email.

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