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Ashley Victoria

Her Story

“Birth and Death are words we chose to describe the doorways in and out of a cycle. This cycle is connected to a larger cycle which awaits our return. It is all just like breathing." ~ Franklin Gillet. Anglican.

When I began my journey "back to nature" I thought it was only about not using chemicals on my skin and hair, grounding in the dirt and being sun-kissed for the health benefits, drinking more water, and eating more home-cooked meals. But as I continue on this journey, I realized it meant so much more. This journey is about finding my purpose in this world and connecting to it deeply. It's about healing distorted parts of myself created by beliefs I held onto for too long. It's about understanding and loving the shadow parts of me that I once rejected, so I can care for myself completely. It's about surrendering to the internal and external pressures; yet, standing in my power, walking myself home.

Welcome to my life's work!

Meet Our Founder 

Ashley Victoria Credentials 

Accountant - Alchemist - Auntie - Author - Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified - Chef - Creator - Educator - First Aid Certified - Gardener - Herbalist - Land Keeper - Light/Life Seeker - Researcher - Sissy - Yoga Instructor, Certified

Looking for a way to cope with life's struggles, Ashley Victoria, also known as Ladi, discovered the art of yoga 8 years ago. She has trained in many styles of yoga, studied the structure of the human body, and learned the groundwork of meditation. Ashley incorporates ancient practices such as Qigong and Kundalini Meditation to deepen the mind-body-soul connection in her classes.

After being the caregiver of her great aunt, grandmother, and now mother, Ashley dedicated her life to education. She began to study the science of food, fasting, botany and herbalism. Plant-based Vegan, African Bio-Mineral Alkaline Diet, Raw Vegan, Fruitarian, Liquid Diet are all lifestyles that she challenges herself and encourage others to challenge themselves into adopting into their life; especially as we age on. As apart of her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Bhakti Yogshala based in India; Ashley became certified in Ayurveda Health which specializes in healing and balancing life through diet and energy work.

Prior to launching Ladi Victoria Studio, Ashley worked in hospitality full-time for 10 years. She held down many positions in this field and even purchased land in 2019 to provide housing to Philadelphian residents. In March 2020 Ashley was laid off as an accountant from her long-standing employer, Kimpton Hotels, due to lost of business from the COVID-19 quarantine. So with less money coming in, she decided to turn her hobby and passion of yoga into a business; birthing a health, wellness, and lifestyle management company, Ladi Victoria Studio.

She also creates herbal, organic, and natural medicine and skin care products for a few clients and family members and will showcase a few handmade products soon. Ashley is a self-educated alchemist and herbalist whos' focus is on pain relief for joints and muscles.

We are required to tell you that Ashley Victoria is not a medical doctor or “professionally medically trained" per the US government or FDA’s standards, nor does she aspire to be. Per the FDA she cannot diagnose, treat, “cure” any dis-ease. However, she currently and will continuously deepen her knowledge in herbs and the body so that she can bring to you medicine to aid in healing the body, mind, and breath/spirit.

Be sure to stop by frequently .. This page is sure to update.

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